Compagnia Sacco in Geneva - official video

Compagnia Sacco in Venice - official video

Compagnia Sacco sings for the prestigious ethnomusicological institute Fondazione Giorgio Cini in Venice last year.

Compagnia Sacco in Venice - totally unofficial video

Before and after the concert, in the street and around the table.

Spontaneous performance of La Donna Lombarda at a midsummer picnic


Polyphony of Ceriana - a film by Hugo Zemp

Stabat Mater

Some examples of the musical tradition of the lay brotherhoods of Ceriana: Compagnia Sacco will sing some of this repertoire during the first part of their concert. And if you are looking for the conductor: there is none - this is a democracy!

Confraternity of the Madonna of the Visitation

Confraternity of Santa Caterina


From the CD Compagnia Sacco Live in Belgium 2011, which will be on sale at the concert and can also be ordered from

Quasi Cedrus

I Quattro Genovesi



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